The solution for productivity, service and security

Central Data Management

The LSM is a central contact point for all business information. Your employees can easily locate and access all required data. Through joint usage of information they can improve communication and teamwork.

Work from Practically Anywhere

To access and work with the LSM all you need is an internet connection. Therefore you can virtually work from anywhere anytime.

Save Time

LSM takes care of time consuming routine tasks. Data only needs to be entered once and can be accessed or updated anytime. Confirmation letters and invoices are created automatically in the customerís own design. Evaluation and reports are always available and always up to date. These can of course be exported into MS Excel and be processed there.

All Tasks at a Glance

Every employee has his or her own working field in which he/she is notified of outstanding tasks. With this the employee is given support in the daily operations and you can rest assured that nothing is forgotten even if things do get very busy. You will really notice the time you save.

Keep the Business Running

Always Have an up to date Database Through Central Data Saving

All employees always work with the same information. Central data storage eliminates redundancies and data inconsistencies.


Avoid Loss of Data Through Automatic Saving of Company Data

Your data is saved daily on a separate backup system and therefore you are guaranteed optimal data protection.

Cost Reduction

LSM is a web based software application and no installation on your computer is necessary. That means you will not face any additional administrative or maintenance costs. You can fully benefit from a reliable and always accessible system so that you can fully concentrate on running your business.


LSM can easily be adapted to your individual needs and business processes.

Conncetion to your Customers

Leave a Professional Impression and Improve Customer Service

LSM provides functionalities that will support you in your professional representation of your company. This includes the link to your website. Requests over the internet can automatically be transferred to LSM and be processed there. You can give business partners a partner access to the system so they can view their own booking data. In addition participants can access their data online and get information before they arrive at the school.


BAMF Support

LSM also supports BAMF bookings and invoicing of BAMF (German Ministry for Migrants) courses.

Turn More Leads Into Bookings

Requests are not just saved after they have been answered but are stored centrally. This allows you to contact these leads again any time. Individually, or grouped according to certain criteri,a or in connection with a specific marketing campaign. This gives you an instrument to achieve a higher booking rate and therefore higher turnover.