What is the Language School Manager?

The LSM is a completely internet based application with its own easy to use interface. Only authorized persons have access and multiple users can work Ė even from home - on the system simultaneously. LSM uses an innovative and successful new model of the software industry: SaaS describes the usage of application software which does not need to be maintained by its users. This allows the company to develop its business flexibly, using all necessary software, without high initial start up costs. That is why this model is ideal for small and middle sized businesses which donít have their own IT departments but nonetheless want to benefit from the smooth running of their software.
Source: Benefits of 'Software as a Service'?

Target Group

The LSM was originally developed for language schools. After extensive further development it is now suited for all institutions which offer courses, seminars or workshops (both externally or company internal). Of course the design, the business processes and the communicative structures can all be customized individually for each of our customers.

The LSM Modules

The LSM is divided into different modules which all communicate with each other, exchange data and use a common central database. This ensures that data changes are automatically updated everywhere and the employees concerned are notified. Please use the navigation on the right to obtain information on each module and its functionalities.