Central Participant Management

Central Participant Management is an important component of the LSM. Information on participants and potential new customers is stored here and is then automatically available in all other modules.

From here you can enter bookings and/or leads and the booking and course history are automatically updated. If required, invoices and incoming or still outstanding payments of any participant can be faded in. With only one mouse click you will always have a complete overview of all relevant participant details at your fingertips.


In addition the participant can also be assigned to a company. This allows you to analyse the ratio of single or multiple companies of your overall result. If desired you can also allow HR- representatives of your business partners access to the system via internet, allowing them to gain insight into booked courses. Of course the same applies to participants who can get access via their own student login.

The design, structure and amount of saved data is 100% customizable. Possibilities are:

All customer data are stored centrally and are source for the Lead Management, e.g. for the realization of purposeful marketing campaigns.