Arrival and Departure

Course participants who come from distant locations often wish to be picked-up and transferred to their accommodation upon arrival. In some cases an airport transfer is also required on the departure day. In most companies the creation of arrival and departure lists is done manually, which runs the risk of being incorrect and that changes made on short notice are not updated in time.

The LSM enables you to generate and print such lists automatically for any time periods, e.g. all arrivals for next week. As a result, the system displays the arrival data for the selected period including the information where the respective participant must be transferred to.

Moreover, the system also notifies the relevant employee in case a pickup has been booked but arrival and departure data is not yet available.

Note: This function is also controlled by authorizations. It is, for example, possible to assign an employee the authorization to view arrival and departure lists, but not to enter further booking data of the participant from this list.