Accommodation Planning

When booking a language vacation, it is very often the case that an accommodation is booked in addition to the language course. As a rule, language schools offer a number of different accommodation options to cope with the different inquiries for comfort and price.
The LSM  can map these requirements.  When entering a booking accommodation details can be displayed and selected. The groupings accommodation type (e.g. hotel, host family or apartment), room type (e.g. single or double room), and category are provided by default.
You can assign the authorization for accommodation planning to one or more employees. These employees are then automatically informed about accommodation inquiries and can assign an accommodation immediately or at a later time.
Note: As agencies wish to receive booking confirmations as soon as possible, the LSM automatically sends two kinds of confirmation documents (if required):

In case of desired changes in accommodation the LSM informs the accommodation coordinator about the details. Accommodation assignments of an already confirmed booking can be changed and the relevant agency can be informed about the changes via email, if required.
Using the LSM makes the execution of such tasks very comfortable and time-saving for the involved employees: Lists can be generated and restrained via mouse-click according to any different selection parameters. For example:

From these lists you can enter the booking details of each participant and assign, change, or delete an accommodation.
Note: Of course you can de-activate the accommodation module if your school does not work with accommodation. Activating this function at a later time is possible as well.